GAIA’s products are continuously examined in RCTs conducted by national and international research teams. Our news section is updated regularly.

GAIA Announces Appointment of Chief Operating Officer (COO)

Hamburg, Germany, Montag 31 Mai 2021 10.00 CEST

GAIA AG today announced the appointment of Andreas Bertram as Chief Operating Officer. Andreas brings with him more than 25 years of top management experience in international companies such as Beiersdorf, OTTO and Accenture.

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Erste DiGA zur Reduzierung übermäßigen Alkoholkonsums wird verschreibungsfähig

Hamburg, Germany, Montag 10 Mai 2021 10.00 CEST

Die von GAIA entwickelte digitale Gesundheitsanwendung (DiGA) vorvida®, ist letzte Woche in das DiGA-Verzeichnis des Bundesinstituts für Arzneimittel und Medizinprodukte (BfArM) aufgenommen worden. Sie kann somit ab sofort von Ärzten und Psychotherapeuten auf Rezept verordnet werden. Das nachgewiesen wirksame Online-Programm...

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GAIA AG Announces Addition to Leadership Team

Hamburg, Germany, Monday 03 May 2021 10.00 CEST

Stan Sugarman to join the Leadership Team and invest in GAIA AG.

GAIA AG, the market leader in Digital Therapeutics (DTx) today announced that Stan Sugarman, most recently Salesforce’s APAC Chief Customer Officer and member of the Salesforce APAC Leadership...

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GAIA's Project NEVERMIND Becomes a Success Story

Hamburg, Germany, Monday 04 January 2021 10.00 CEST

GAIA’s research project „Nevermind“ is published in the official „Success Story Yearbook 2020“ as one of nine EU funded projects related to digital technologies. The yearbook is released by The National Contact Point for European Research Funding on Information and...

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Real-world evidence confirms: GAIA digital therapeutics highly effective in routine medical care

Amsterdam, Netherlands, Wednesday 23 September 2020 10.00 CEST

According to a newly published observational study, GAIA’s digital therapeutic deprexis is effective in real-world routine medical care. These findings extend evidence from more than a dozen randomized controlled trials (RCTs), which had already shown that deprexis is effective in...

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Large health economic evaluation confirms GAIA digital therapeutics are clinically effective while saving costs

Bielefeld, Germany, Tuesday 23 June 2020 10.00 CEST

In the largest ever health economic evaluation of a digital therapeutic, researchers at the University Bielefeld found that GAIA’s deprexis leads to a significant reduction in statutory health insurance costs as well as improvements across a range of clinical outcomes.

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Adding GAIA digital therapeutics enhances the effects of routine psychotherapy

Oxford, UK, Thursday 06 June 2020 10.00 CEST

The largest study to date on combining routine psychotherapy with digital therapeutics confirmed that adding GAIA’s deprexis significantly boosts treatment effectiveness. These results were shown over a period of six months in a sample of 340 patients with mild to...

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GAIA stellt optimune® kostenlos zur Verfügung

Hamburg, Germany, Wednesday 29 April 2020 10.00 CEST

Um möglichst vielen Menschen die Chance zu geben, ihr Immunsystem fit zu machen, stellt GAIA kostenlos optimune® zur Verfügung. Das Online-Programm wendet sich an Menschen, die interessiert sind, fundierte Erkenntnisse der Psychoimmunologie und der behavioralen Medizin zur Optimierung ihres Immunsystem...

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TÜV Rheinland Confirms GAIA's Quality Competence

Hamburg, Germany, Thursday 06 February 2020 10.00 CEST

GAIA AG, one of the first developers of digital therapeutics worldwide, announces its successful certification by TÜV Rheinland, an independent Notified Body. The certification was done according to DIN EN ISO 13485:2016, meaning GAIA AG now officially fulfils the regulatory...

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Effectiveness of GAIA's Digital Therapy Confirmed Once Again in Updated Meta-Analysis

Cambridge, UK, Thursday 30 January 2020 10.00 CEST

GAIA’s digital therapy reliably reduces depression symptoms over 8 to 12 weeks, according to a newly published meta-analysis. The researchers summarized the results of 12 randomized controlled trials that examined deprexis, GAIA’s evidence-based digital therapy for patients with depression. The...

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Depression Among Teens Rises / GAIA’s Digital Therapeutics Help To Close Treatment Gap

Hamburg, Tuesday 03 December 2019 12.00 CEST

The DAK-Gesundheit, one of Germany’s top insurance providers, released a report last week on the topic of depression among teens and adolescents. The report notes that cases of depression among teens and adolescents between 10-17 years old has risen by...

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Adding GAIA’s Digital Depression Therapy to Hospital Treatment Triples Remission Rates Over Six Months

Toronto, Monday 04 November 2019 12.00 CEST

A randomized controlled trial (RCT) showed that adding GAIA’s digital therapy software, deprexis, to standard inpatient hospital treatment improved remission rates among patients with severe depression. New analyses of that trial, which included 229 patients, demonstrated that these beneficial effects...

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In Support of Pain Awareness Month

Hamburg, Friday 27 September 2019 12.00 CEST

September is #PainAwarenessMonth, a topic we’re glad to see being supported in social media. Chronic pain and the management of pain has always been an important topic to us here at GAIA. One of the first programs we developed was...

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Health Economic Study Confirms: GAIA Digital Therapy Reduces Treatment Costs

Bielefeld, Tuesday 04 June 2019 17.00 CEST

A newly published study once again confirmed the cost-saving effects of GAIA’s digital therapies. Specifically, health economic data were analyzed from one of the largest multicenter randomized controlled trials ever conducted in this area. More than 1,000 patients with symptoms...

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New RCT Shows GAIA AG’s Digital Therapeutic, vorvida, Successfully Treats Alcohol Addiction

Hamburg, Tuesday 02 April 2019 17.00 CEST

GAIA’s fully automated digital therapeutic, vorvida, reduces risky drinking patterns in adults with alcohol addiction, according to a new randomized control trial.

In a RCT involving 608 adults with problematic alcohol intake, researchers found that participants in the intervention group...

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GAIA’s Prostana® Reports Positive Signs from Both Urologists and Patients in an Interim Analysis

Hamburg, Friday 22 March 2019 16.00 CEST

GAIA’s Prostana® Reports Positive Signs from Both Urologists and Patients in an Interim Analysis

Prostate cancer is one of the most common cancers in men worldwide. In Germany, it is even the most common cancer in men. In recent years...

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Positive RCT Results Validate GAIA AG’s Standing As Leader in Evidence-Based Digital Therapeutics

Hamburg, Monday 04 February 2019 16.00 CEST

A recently published RCT demonstrates GAIA AG has once again created a clinically effective digital therapy intervention, this time with sufferers of epilepsy in mind.

With over 20 RCTs finalized and 10 CE-marked products under its belt, GAIA continues to

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Depression Treatment Much More Effective When GAIA Software Is Added

Castrop-Rauxel, Thursday 17 January 2019 13.00 CEST

A new randomized controlled trial has confirmed that adding GAIA’s depression software deprexis significantly boosts treatment effectiveness. Inpatients at a psychiatric hospital in Germany were randomly assigned to receive either only their usual multimodal psychiatric treatment or deprexis on top...

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Machine Learning Algorithms Reveal New Insights on GAIA’s Treatment Software

Hamburg, Monday 10 December 2018 13.00 CEST

Over the past decade, GAIA’s research and development has focused on digital treatments based on artificial intelligence (AI) to improve clinical outcomes. One open question with high clinical relevance is whether machine learning approaches could improve the prediction of response...

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GAIA Therapy Software Reduces Treatment Costs

Hamburg, Tuesday 18 September 2018 11.00 CEST

A high number of inpatient cases, hospitalization days and physician visits bloat healthcare spending without necessarily improving the quality of care. Therefore, RCT proven healthcare solutions that augment the quality of care while reducing treatment costs are needed.

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Introducing GAIA’s Emyna® for Epilepsy – Therapy for a Better Quality of Life

Hamburg, Wednesday 25 July 2018 11.30 CEST

A randomized controlled trial (RCT) of Emyna with 200 people living with epilepsy has shown very encouraging results.

Emyna® (compound name EP28b) is GAIA’s fully automated therapeutic software designed to provide therapy for adults affected by epilepsy.

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Compulsive Gamblers Successfully Treated with GAIA’s Therapy Software

Hamburg, Wednesday 13 June 2018 13.00 CEST

Significant reduction in gambling-related symptoms have been recorded following treatment with GAIA’s therapeutic software. Researchers from the University Medical Center Hamburg, Germany published the results last week.

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GAIA presents: How to Heal Back Pain with Behavioral Change

Berlin, Monday 04 June 2018 12.00 CEST

Behavioral change is crucial for treating back pain. This message lies at the heart of our CEO’s presentation this Wednesday, at the 2018 Hauptstadt Kongress, Berlin. Dr. Mario Weiss, who is also the founder of GAIA, would be speaking...

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GAIA Therapy Software Boosts Outpatient Care by a Factor of 2 - RCT Shows

Hamburg, Friday 18 May 2018 18.00 CEST

Can GAIA’s evidence-based therapy software improve the effectiveness of routine behavioral therapy? Yes! And a randomized controlled trial (RCT) has shown this.

This study was led by Swiss researchers, Professors Thomas Berger (Bern) and Andreas Maercker (Zürich). Collaboration with Germany’s...

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Deprexis Launches in Brazil

Rio de Janeiro, Friday 13 April 2018 11.00 BRT

Deprexis has launched in Brazil! Deprexis is a fully-automated therapy for individuals suffering from depressive disorders.

According to the World Health Organization, Brazil has one of the highest numbers of people suffering from depression and anxiety. GAIA AG...

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Clinical Trial shows GAIA’s Elevida Reduces Fatigue in Multiple Sclerosis

Hamburg, Tuesday 27 March 2018 09.00 GMT

GAIA’s fully automated therapy software, Elevida, reduces Multiple Sclerosis (MS) related fatigue in patients, a randomized controlled trial (RCT) has confirmed. Results were published recently by the internationally acclaimed British Medical Journal (BMJ).

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Major Payer, DAK Gesundheit and GAIA Partner to Treat Back-Pain

Berlin, Thursday 15 March 2018 11.45 GMT

Our partnership with DAK Gesundheit, a leading German health insurer, has been extended with the launch of Rücken@Fit. Rücken@Fit is a digital therapeutic we developed in conjunction with AIRBUS to help people manage back-pain.

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Cost-Effectiveness is not a “Class Effect” of Digital Therapeutics

Hamburg, Thursday 22 February 2018 09.15 CET

A recent meta-analysis reveals that beyond clever marketing, several guided internet-based interventions fail to deliver cost effectiveness. Thus, it turns out that cost-effectiveness is not a “class effect” in digital therapeutics. Meaning, not all digital therapeutics are automatically cost-effective.

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The United Arab Emirates adopts GAIA’s Therapy Software to Treat MS

Dubai, Tuesday 30 January 2018 17.35 CET

The United Arab Emirates (UAE) will now use deprexis MS, GAIA’s digital therapy software, to treat depression in multiple sclerosis (MS) patients.

Government officials made this announcement at the ongoing Arab Health Exhibition and Conference in Dubai, which runs until...

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GAIA Therapy Software Enhances Inpatient Treatment Efficacy

Munich, Monday 15 January 2018 06.35 CET

A randomized controlled trial (RCT) has provided powerful evidence that adding our digital software significantly improves inpatient treatment efficacy. This clinical study was conducted by leading, independent researchers at the University Medical Center Mainz, Germany. The results have been published...

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GAIA presents at the Biotech Showcase Annual Conference on January 8th

San Francisco, Tuesday 02 January 2018 10.00 PST

GAIA AG will present at the 2018 Biotech Showcase ™ to be held January 8 – 10 at the Hilton San Francisco Union Square. This is arguably one of the most important weeks in healthcare investor congresses.

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Empowering Patients with MS: Federal Joint Committee funds Project involving GAIA Innovation

Berlin, Friday 15 December 2017 09.05 GMT

Can digital therapeutic interventions empower multiple sclerosis (MS) patients to better cope with symptom flare-ups? Can digital therapy software help reduce inflammation? Can such solutions prevent relapses and improve quality of life?

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GAIA’s Digital Therapy Reduces Health Insurance Costs – Economic Evaluation shows

Glasgow, UK, Thursday 30 November 2017 07.25 GMT

A new study confirms that deprexis® reduces total health insurance costs. GAIA’s leading digital therapy software is proven to facilitate reliable reduction of symptoms.

These findings were presented at the annual European Congress of ISPOR (the International Society for Pharmacoeconomics...

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Consumer Testimony Highlights Deprexis on Tagesschau

Hamburg, Thursday 29 November 2017 06.35 GMT

Leading German news programme, Tagesschau has showcased consumer testimony highlighting the immense help GAIA’s fully automated therapy software is for patients.

In the news clip, Nicole Weissenfels-Boller an individual diagnosed with depression notes how convenient the treatment is. Nicole says...

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Join our Digital Therapy Webinar on Sep. 20, 2017!

Hamburg, Wednesday 16 August 2017 10.22 CST

Digital therapy is radically reshaping the healthcare landscape for a number of key reasons: Well-developed digital therapeutics can be as effective as chemical compounds. Distribution and production costs are very low. In addition, real life data are collected from every...

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Meta-analysis confirms effectiveness of GAIA’s digital therapy

Oxford, UK, Friday 28 July 2017 11.09 GMT

A meta-analysis of GAIA’s digital therapy for depression (deprexis) has been published in the latest issue of the peer-reviewed scientific journal Psychiatry Research. First-authored by Dr. Conal Twomey from the University College Dublin, the meta-analysis included 8 randomized controlled trials...

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Long-term effectiveness of GAIA digital therapy shown in new study

Exeter, UK, Wednesday 19 July 2017 14:19 GMT

In a new article coming out in Behaviour Research and Therapy, a team of leading researchers reported that one of GAIA’s digital therapies is effective at one-year follow-up, nine months after the treatment had actually ended. The benefits conferred by...

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World Congress of Psychiatry, Berlin 2017 – GAIA research in the spotlight

Berlin, Thursday 20 April 2017 11.43 CST

Two GAIA-chaired symposia have been accepted by the Scientific Programme Committee of the World Congress of Psychiatry, to be held in Berlin from October 8th to 12th, 2017. In the first symposium, scientists from the University College Dublin, Ireland, will...

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GAIA´s plexus® intervention improves prescription behavior of physicians in ambulatory care

Berlin, Tuesday 18 April 2017 15.45 CST

Optimizing physicians’ prescription behavior in ambulatory care settings can be a challenge – particularly if the physicians are working in independent private practices. GAIA used its digital behavior-change competence to empower physicians working in such settings to make better (=more...

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GAIA antidepressant digital therapy (deprexis) effective in the US

Austin, Texas, Friday 24 February 2017 13.36 CST

A randomized controlled trial with N = 376 depressed adults, published in the latest issue of the Journal of Consulting and Clinical Psychology, has confirmed that deprexis is effective in the United States. The trial was led by Professor Christopher...

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JAMA Psychiatry meta-analysis confirms deprexis efficacy

Amsterdam, Wednesday 22 February 2017 17.45 GMT

A new meta-analysis of individual patient data, published in the latest issue of JAMA Psychiatry, confirmed the efficacy of deprexis for the treatment of depression. The software is one of GAIA’s developments. It has recently been licensed to Servier globally,...

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Servier and GAIA extend their deprexis partnership

Hamburg, Tuesday 14 February 2017 18.00 GMT

Servier, the independent international pharmaceutical company, and GAIA, a global pioneer in digital therapy, have signed a partnership to extend the marketing of deprexis®.

Although depression is a widespread condition, with approximately 350 million individuals affected globally (WHO), many patients...

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Deprexis as adjunctive treatment tool for psychotherapists?

Berlin, Friday 27 January 2017 17.00 GMT

A randomized controlled trial examined whether experienced psychotherapists can use one of GAIA’s interventions (Deprexis) to augment or enhance their normal depression treatment. The study was conducted over several years and directed by leading psychotherapy researchers in Switzerland (Professor Berger,...

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Gaia AG at the Digital Medicine Showcase

San Francisco, Thursday 5 January 2017 15.00 GMT

We are pleased to announce that Gaia AG will present at the Digital Medicine Showcase 2017, as part of the Bio Tech Showcase, on January 10, 2017 at 10:15am.

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Work-related psychotherapy

Hamburg, Wednesday 4 January 2017 10.00 GMT

GAIA has contributed a chapter on internet-based interventions for work-related mental disorders, which was recently published in the book “Arbeitsplatzbezogene Psychotherapie” (work-related psychotherapy) by Professor Kai Kahl and Lotta Winter. The chapter provides an overview of the evidence in this...

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Deprexis effective in USA

Austin, Texas, Monday 12 December 2016 18.30 GMT

A randomized controlled trial with N = 376 adults with at least moderately severe depression has confirmed that Deprexis is effective in the United States. The trial was led by Professor Christopher Beevers at the University of Texas, Austin. With...

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Reducing risky and harmful drinking

Hamburg, Friday 9 December 2016 14.30 GMT

A randomized controlled trial testing the efficacy of vorvida, our intervention for adults trying to reduce excessive alcohol consumption, has recently been completed. Data are currently being analysed and results are expected to be available in early 2017. The study...

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GAIA in San Francisco

Hamburg, Tuesday 6 December 2016 9.00 GMT

Mario Weiss (CEO GAIA) and Michael Nick ( EVP Business Development) will attend the 35th annual JP Morgan Healthcare Conference and present at the Digital Medicine Showcase on January 10 at 10:15. We look forward to seeing you there.

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Effective treatment for MS fatigue

Hamburg, Friday 2 December 2016 11.15 GMT

Elevida, our cognitive-behavioural therapy software for patients with multiple sclerosis has been demonstrated to be effective in a randomized controlled trial with 275 patients, led by researchers at the Institute of Neuroimmunology, University Medical Center Hamburg-Eppendorf. Over the course of...

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Zurich, Thursday 10 November 2016 16.00 GMT

The Sanitas health insurance, covering almost 10% of the Swiss population, has been awarded the Innovation Award 2016 of the Swiss health insurance industry for their “Psychological Balance” programme, which offers a comprehensive suite of GAIA’s digital therapeutics for their...

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Effective anxiety reduction

Bern, Monday 12 September 2016 10.00 GMT

After nearly four years of research and development, we are proud to announce that velibra, our digital therapy software for anxiety disorders, has demonstrated efficacy in a high quality randomized controlled trial. The trial’s Principal Investigator, Prof. Thomas Berger, concluded...

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Hamburg, Monday 15 August 2016 11.30 GMT

The French pharma company and GAIA entered into a marketing and sales cooperation for deprexis in Germany. Servier will promote deprexis under the brand name deprexis24 as an innovative addition to their product portfolio in neurology and psychiatry.

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Hamburg, Saturday 30 April 2016 12.30 GMT

Veovita and the DAK-G statutory health insurance today reached an agreement that will help thousands of people getting faster and better coordinated access to medical help for their mental disorders. As an additional benefit, GAIA’s latest digital therapeutics will play...

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Deprexis in Italian and Portuguese

Hamburg, Thursday 21 January 2016 10.30 GMT

Deprexis in Italian and Portuguese: Deprexis is now available in Italian and Portuguese/Brazilian. These newly translated were developed by GAIA in the context of the “Nevermind” project, an international research and development project funded by the European Commission under the...

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Zurich, Saturday 12 December 2015 09.30 GMT

GAIA and the Swiss statutory health insurance today signed a comprehensive cooperation agreement that will help Sanitas to leverage the opportunities of effective and safe digital therapeutics among their insured people.

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