Depression Treatment Much More Effective When GAIA Software Is Added

Castrop-Rauxel, Thursday 17 January 2019 13.00 CEST

A new randomized controlled trial has confirmed that adding GAIA’s depression software deprexis significantly boosts treatment effectiveness. Inpatients at a psychiatric hospital in Germany were randomly assigned to receive either only their usual multimodal psychiatric treatment or deprexis on top of their usual treatment.

Twelve weeks later, patients who had used deprexis reported significantly greater reductions in depression symptoms as well as greater improvements in work productivity. Moreover, deprexis patients were able to leave the hospital earlier, they needed less additional treatment after discharge, and they were less likely to be readmitted to hospital care. The large effect size of d=0.75 on the primary outcome confirms the real-world clinical significance of the deprexis treatment effect.

This trial was conducted entirely without developer involvement and replicated for the third time that adding GAIA’s software can dramatically improve treatment outcome and thus improve patients’ health and quality of life. With 14 completed clinical trials, deprexis remains the world’s leading digital depression treatment.


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