Join our Digital Therapy Webinar on Sep. 20, 2017!

Hamburg, Wednesday 16 August 2017 10.22 CST

Digital therapy is radically reshaping the healthcare landscape for a number of key reasons: Well-developed digital therapeutics can be as effective as chemical compounds. Distribution and production costs are very low. In addition, real life data are collected from every patient on the program.

GAIA is the global leading developer of digital therapeutics with over 10 years of R&D experience. Over 7.000 patients have been studied in RCT´s in the area of Neurology, Immunology and Diabetes.

Join Dr Mario Weiss, CEO and Founder of GAIA, and Oliver Kirst, General Manager at Servier Germany on September 20 to:

  • Learn how digital therapy is reshaping the healthcare industry.
  • Find out how GAIA has been leading this transformation for the past decade with a strong focus on research and development of evidence based online interventions.
  • Hear how GAIA and Servier partner to provide patients around the world with the anti-depression software deprexis®.

Register now for our webinar to take advantage of this strategic opportunity for your organization.

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