GAIA´s plexus® intervention improves prescription behavior of physicians in ambulatory care

Berlin, Tuesday 18 April 2017 15.45 CST

Optimizing physicians’ prescription behavior in ambulatory care settings can be a challenge – particularly if the physicians are working in independent private practices. GAIA used its digital behavior-change competence to empower physicians working in such settings to make better (=more evidence-based) prescription decisions.

In the intervention region, 100 physicians participated in the program. A control group from a different region received no intervention; the physicians in the control condition were matched to the intervention group based on the prescription volume of key compounds that were examined. After 1 year, physicians in the intervention group had reduced their prescription costs and adjusted their prescription behavior to align more closely with evidence-based-medicine parameters, compared to the control group. These results are in line with evidence from other plexus® interventions with larger samples in Hesse and Lower Saxony.

Although this was not a randomized controlled trial, the study provides evidence suggesting that GAIA´s digital behavior-change program plexus® not only reduces cost but also improves quality of care.

Welt der Krankenversicherung, April 2017

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