An In-Depth Interview with GAIA CEO Dr. Mario Weiss on The Pharma Letter

Hamburg, June 17, 2024

GAIA CEO, Dr. Mario Weiss sits down with The Pharma Letter’s Guy Martin for an in-depth interview to explore the transformative impact of AI-powered technology in pharma.

A snippet from the interview: GAIA’s approach is to embrace a future where healthcare is not just a treatment, but a holistic and empowering experience. Through patient-centered innovation and collaborative partnerships, the company is confident in having a lasting impact on the global healthcare landscape. Dr Weiss is positive of this impact, even in a field where new players can be quick to make bold and unsubstantiated claims. “If you look at the real strong track record of successful research, that’s us,” he said. “We are scientifically super-solid - it’s about long-term data, top analysis, strong foundations and continuous optimization. That’s GAIA, 25 years of solid research.”

Read the full interview here:

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