New RCT Shows GAIA AG’s Digital Therapeutic, vorvida, Successfully Treats Alcohol Addiction

Hamburg, Tuesday 02 April 2019 17.00 CEST

GAIA’s fully automated digital therapeutic, vorvida, reduces risky drinking patterns in adults with alcohol addiction, according to a new randomized control trial.

In a RCT involving 608 adults with problematic alcohol intake, researchers found that participants in the intervention group with vorvida significantly reduced their daily alcohol consumption over three and six months, with significant effect sizes. Additionally, in comparison to the control group, vorvida users reported fewer days of binge drinking and drunkenness.

vorvida Significantly Reduces Alcohol Consumption

“Alcohol abuse is a global health concern, but very few problem drinkers seek professional help,” said Mario Weiss, founder and CEO of GAIA. “With vorvida, we’re proud to reduce the stigma associated with alcohol treatment and offer a clinically effective solution that patients can use from the comfort of their own home.”

Excessive alcohol consumption is a widespread public health concern with an expansive treatment gap. Less than 25% of individuals who experience alcohol abuse and dependency seek treatment. Moreover, stigmatization for alcohol dependency may be more severe than other mental disorders because those affected are often regarded as more responsible for their condition; they evoke more social rejection, and their risk for structural discrimination is particularly high.

Many experts believe vorvida offers a viable solution to closing the treatment gap. Developed by leading healthcare specialists, vorvida uses GAIA’s artificial intelligence (AI) platform to provide users with a targeted, personalized treatment that is proven to help change their relationship with alcohol.

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