Compulsive Gamblers Successfully Treated with GAIA’s Therapy Software

Hamburg, Wednesday 13 June 2018 13.00 CEST

Significant reduction in gambling-related symptoms have been recorded following treatment with GAIA’s therapeutic software. Researchers from the University Medical Center Hamburg, Germany published the results last week.

Following a randomized controlled trial (RCT), the experts found that our digital therapeutic “was particularly beneficial in reducing problematic gambling for those scoring high on baseline gambling-related symptoms and for those who gamble due to loneliness.”

Compulsive gambling is a complex mental disorder with a large treatment gap. Less than 10% of people addicted to gambling get treated for the condition. Inadequate or unsuitable services, dissatisfaction with available treatment programs and a lack of information from therapists about the therapeutic routine are listed as some of the specific reasons for the treatment gap.

GAIA’s digital therapy software can thus serve as an adjunct to the classical methods of treating problematic gambling.

Developed by some of the best healthcare specialists in the world, GAIA’s digital therapeutics, with the support of its advanced technology platform broca 4, is able to provide users with targeted, personalized care that is tailored to their needs and proven to effectively treat indications.

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