GAIA Therapy Software Boosts Outpatient Care by a Factor of 2 - RCT Shows

Hamburg, Friday 18 May 2018 18.00 CEST

Can GAIA’s evidence-based therapy software improve the effectiveness of routine behavioral therapy? Yes! And a randomized controlled trial (RCT) has shown this.

This study was led by Swiss researchers, Professors Thomas Berger (Bern) and Andreas Maercker (Zürich). Collaboration with Germany’s largest psychotherapists’ association, the DPtV made the trials possible.

Twenty experienced psychotherapists participated, recruiting ninety-eight of their patients diagnosed with unipolar depression. The patients were randomly assigned to one of two groups.

One group (control) received only modern, face-to-face outpatient psychotherapy treatment. Meanwhile, the other group (intervention) received both modern, face-to-face psychotherapy treatments and access to deprexis – one of GAIA’s fully automated therapy software programs.

A higher rate of depression reduction was observed among the group adjunctively treated with deprexis. The extent of improvement was more than double compared to that observed in the psychotherapy-only group (pre-post effect sizes, d = 0.94 vs. 0.38).

Significant intervention effects were also found for quality of life and somatic symptoms. This study provided conclusive evidence that including our software to current psychotherapeutic interventions boosts overall treatment effectiveness. It is also well received by both patients and therapists.

The report is available here

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