Introducing GAIA’s Emyna® for Epilepsy – Therapy for a Better Quality of Life

Hamburg, Wednesday 25 July 2018 11.30 CEST

A randomized controlled trial (RCT) of Emyna with 200 people living with epilepsy has shown very encouraging results.

Emyna® (compound name EP28b) is GAIA’s fully automated therapeutic software designed to provide therapy for adults affected by epilepsy.

Individuals treated with Emyna alongside care as usual (CAU) fared better than those who received only CAU. The final study results, including six and nine months follow-up data, would be published soon.

Epilepsy is a brain or neurological disorder that can develop in anyone at anytime. Researchers note that up to 35% of adults living with epilepsy suffer from depression. Meanwhile, notable treatment gaps exist across health systems because of inadequate treatment facilities and personnel, among other factors.

Experts are calling Emyna a viable solution to closing the treatment gap even as it helps and supports several critical health indicators of patients. The therapeutic program may also enable the add-on economic benefits that result from reduced hospitalization and sick days.

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