GAIA presents: How to Heal Back Pain with Behavioral Change

Berlin, Monday 04 June 2018 12.00 CEST

Behavioral change is crucial for treating back pain. This message lies at the heart of our CEO’s presentation this Wednesday, at the 2018 Hauptstadt Kongress, Berlin. Dr. Mario Weiss, who is also the founder of GAIA, would be speaking on the brain as a pathway to managing pain. He will further highlight the effective digital therapeutic delivering this solution.

In March 2018, GAIA extended its partnership with DAK Gesundheit, a leading German health insurer with over 6 million insurees, to launch Rücken@Fit. Rücken@Fit is a digital therapeutic developed by GAIA, based on the latest scientific evidence, to help people manage back pain.

“Pain is a complex sensory-affective, behaivoral phenomenon. Many regions of the brain are involved. Effective therapeutic techniques use a variety of mechanisms to address these phenomena,” says Dr. Weiss, adding, “Pain affects people differently. Behavioral change is key and Rucken@fit is a solution.”

Because diseases affect people differently, GAIA offers a portfolio of products built on its advanced artificial intelligence (AI) system broca 4, to deliver personalized therapeutic solutions tailored to individual needs.

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