GAIA Therapy Software Reduces Treatment Costs

Hamburg, Tuesday 18 September 2018 11.00 CEST

A high number of inpatient cases, hospitalization days and physician visits bloat healthcare spending without necessarily improving the quality of care. Therefore, RCT proven healthcare solutions that augment the quality of care while reducing treatment costs are needed.

A review of randomized controlled trial (RCT) data shows that GAIA’s therapy software delivers on the aforementioned; reducing total treatment costs by facilitating better clinical outcomes.

With deprexis, our therapeutic solution for depression, total insurance costs were shown to decrease by 32% in the intervention group treated with the software. Meanwhile, Emyna, our fully automated digital therapy for adults affected by epilepsy, also registered cost savings. This was due to notable clinical improvements in several critical health indicators and overall patients’ quality of life.

“Coming from a deep understanding of the efficiency problems that riddle health care delivery systems, GAIA’s digital therapeutic solutions are a methodical marriage between top-of-class clinical sciences and an advanced technological platform. This firm basis allows our fully automated therapy software, under ethically stringent randomized clinical trials, to evidence significant cost reductions and clinical effectiveness that have now been scaled in real-world health systems,” notes Mario Weiss, Founder and CEO of GAIA AG.

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