At GAIA, we are at the forefront of innovation in digital therapeutics, dedicated to revolutionizing healthcare through cutting-edge solutions that empower individuals and enhance patient outcomes.

About Us

In the dynamic landscape of healthcare, GAIA has established itself as a visionary leader, bridging the gap between traditional medicine and state of the art technologies. Founded in 1997, our unwavering commitment is to empower individuals globally and improve patient outcomes through the adept use of scalable technology.

GAIA has forged a legacy of innovation, pioneering evidence-based, safe, and patient-centric digital therapeutics. Our mission is clear: empower individuals, enhance treatment adherence, and elevate the overall quality of life for patients worldwide. We firmly believe that digital therapeutics unlock a new era in healthcare, where personalized and AI powered data-driven solutions redefine disease management and patient care.

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Our Approach

Our vision extends beyond the present, aiming to shape a future where healthcare is not just a treatment but a holistic and empowering experience. Through patient-centered innovation and collaborative partnerships, we strive to make a lasting impact on the global healthcare landscape.

Recognizing the integral role collaboration plays in achieving sustainable impact, we actively seek partnerships with pharmaceutical companies and medical device companies. These empower us to bring our innovative solutions to life by leveraging collective expertise and resources. Together, we accelerate progress and expand our reach to make a meaningful difference in healthcare.

Dedicated to forging alliances with organizations that share our vision for a healthier future, we understand the diverse needs of our partners. Our collaboration opportunities are meticulously tailored, whether aiming to expand product portfolios, enhance patient care offerings, or adopt innovative approaches to healthcare delivery.

Business Development

We are dedicated to establishing impactful collaborations with pharmaceutical companies and medical device manufacturers, working together to bring innovative digital therapeutics to patients globally. We firmly believe that through strategic partnerships, we can accelerate the development, commercialization, and widespread adoption of our therapies, ultimately elevating patient care and outcomes.

Partnership Opportunities

We extend a range of partnership opportunities to pharmaceutical companies, including:

  • Integrated Solutions and Co-Development: Collaborate with us to develop and commercialize comprehensive treatment programs that seamlessly integrate our digital therapeutics with your existing products and services.
  • Technology Licensing: License our proprietary technologies to enhance your digital therapeutic development capabilities, fostering innovation in your offerings.
  • Clinical Trial Collaborations: Join forces with us in conducting clinical trials of our digital therapeutics, contributing to the continuous validation of their efficacy and safety.
  • Co-Marketing and Distribution (out-licensing): Partner with us to jointly market and distribute our digital therapeutics, reaching a broader audience and maximizing impact.

Our partnership models are carefully crafted for mutual benefit. We prioritize collaborations that align with our shared vision of advancing patient care through cutting-edge digital therapeutics.

Case Study: Collaborative Innovation in Addressing the Opioid Crisis

One exemplary collaboration that underscores our dedication to innovation is our partnership with the Swedish pharmaceutical company, Orexo, which is focusing on tackling the opioid crisis in the US. About 8.9 million Americans are misusing opioids, of which 6.1 million are diagnosed with opioid use disorder (OUD). Recognizing the urgency of this public health issue, GAIA and Orexo joined forces to co-develop a cutting-edge digital solution. This collaboration exemplifies our approach to integrated solutions, leveraging collective expertise to pioneer treatments that make a meaningful impact. At GAIA, we recognize that some of the most complex issues demand collaborative solutions, and through Orexo and GAIA’s shared commitment to addressing complex health issues, we strive to contribute to a healthier and more sustainable future. This commitment extends to our prospective collaborations with partners, emphasizing our dedication to making impactful contributions.


Enhancing the well-being of Multiple Sclerosis patients with comorbid depression through this tailored digital therapeutic, proven effective in reducing depressive symptoms and improving overall condition.

Neurology and Psychiatry

Providing therapeutic methods and exercises specifically for patients with ADHD, offering a comprehensive approach to support their well-being.

Neurology and Psychiatry

Offering tailored relief and support to patients suffering from migraines through effective cognitive behavioral therapy exercises.


Empowering individuals with type 2 diabetes through the adoption of effective self-management strategies, fostering an enhancement in overall well-being.

Neurology and Psychiatry

Empowering individuals dealing with depression through a comprehensive approach encompassing cognitive behavioral therapy and mood tracking, fostering holistic support for their mental well-being.

Targeting and alleviating Multiple Sclerosis-related fatigue, promoting a proactive approach to managing this aspect of the condition.
Neurology and Psychiatry

Empowering epilepsy patients by aiding in the understanding of triggers and symptoms, facilitating informed management for enhanced well-being.

Elevating the well-being of individuals with psoriasis by employing advanced evidence-based psychological methodologies, fostering a holistic approach to enhance overall quality of life.


Providing evidence-based psychological therapies for cancer patients, managing emotional stress, improving quality of life, and reducing fatigue, enhancing the well-being of individuals facing cancer-related challenges.

Implementing a psychoneuroimmunological digital intervention tailored for Multiple Sclerosis patients, with a primary focus on enhancing quality of life and overall well-being.

Assisting patients with primary hypertension in managing their condition through the application of evidence-based psychological and psychotherapeutic techniques.
Neurology and Psychiatry

Delivering a comprehensive approach to support and facilitate recovery for individuals grappling with Opioid Use Disorder.


Empowering women with breast cancer through specific therapeutic techniques, aiding in active condition management, stress coping and fostering healthy lifestyle changes.
Neurology and Psychiatry

Aiding individuals with borderline personality disorder by offering the only on-label, scalable, and effective treatment worldwide, providing transformative support and care.

Supporting adult patients with Rheumatoid Arthritis in managing symptoms through therapeutic techniques and trusted information sources.

Delivering multimodal pain management interventions specifically designed for users experiencing subacute or chronic non-specific low back pain, knee pain, and hip pain.

Neurology and Psychiatry

Supporting individuals suffering from burnout and chronic stress, providing assistance in managing symptoms and implementing healthier lifestyles.
Neurology and Psychiatry

Providing adults with non-organic insomnia a comprehensive solution for restoring restful sleep and promoting lasting well-being.
Neurology and Psychiatry

Reducing anxiety symptoms in adult patients dealing with Generalized Anxiety Disorder, Social Phobia, and Panic Disorder.

Offering evidence-based psychological therapies for post-viral chronic fatigue after COVID-19 infection, promoting recovery and well-being.
Neurology and Psychiatry

Targeting harmful alcohol consumption through the implementation of evidence-based psychological therapies.

Studies and Publications

Clinical Studies:

Explore peer-reviewed journal publications related to our products, showcasing the latest research and findings supporting their effectiveness.

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White Papers and Publications:

Digital therapeutics | Catalysing the future of health (2021; Deloitte Consulting AG) In a collaboration with Deloitte, GAIA released an extensive publication on the evolution and future of Digital Therapeutics. The last several years has been pivotal in the world of digital healthcare, with the evolution and adoption of digital therapeutics playing a large role. In this publication, GAIA’s VP of Commercialisation shares his insights on how evidence-based digital therapeutics has the potential to change this landscape even more.

Read it here

Congress Participation 2024

Stay connected with GAIA as we actively participate in upcoming congresses, conferences, and events. Engage with our team to explore the latest advancements in digital therapeutics and discover how GAIA is revolutionizing healthcare. Meet us at:

BIO-Europe Spring March 18-20, 2024 Barcelona, Spain
LSX World Congress 2024 April 29-30, 2024 London, UK
HLTH Europe June 17-20, 2024 Amsterdam, Netherlands
AAN Annual Meeting 2024 April 13-18, 2024 Denver, CO, USA
BIO International Convention June 3-6, 2024 San Diego, CA, USA
BIO-Europe November 4-6, 2024 Stockholm, Sweden

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