Digital Therapeutics


  • Proven effectiveness in numerous RCTs with over 7,000 patients

  • 12+ years R&D experience, 20+ CE & FDA compliant products

  • Indication/Pipeline: CNS, immunology, oncology

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Digital Therapeutics (DTx)

GAIA is a global pioneer in digital therapeutics, successfully launching its first product in 2001.

Our mission is to develop digital therapy solutions that offer physicians, therapists, payers and patients the same effect sizes, similar safety profiles and equal levels of convenience as found in well-developed, pharmaceutical solutions.

Our multidisciplinary, expert team covers all competencies required to develop, launch and maintain top-of-class products for major markets. Our team includes experienced physicians and psychotherapists, clinical scientists experienced in orchestrating Phase II & III trials, IT and software engineers, regulatory affairs experts as well as market access specialists.

Our Pipeline: The next Generation in Digital Therapeutics and Diagnostics

One of our most researched products is deprexis®, the online program for the treatment of depression. deprexis® has been shown to effectively reduce symptoms of depression in 14 randomized controlled trials (RCTs) as well as in real-life, clinical settings with effect sizes similar to those of antidepressants.

Our current R&D pipeline covers a range of phase II and phase III, next generation digital therapy solutions for conditions such as borderline personality disorder (priovi®), generalized anxiety disorder/panic disorder/social phobia (velibra®), fatigue in multiple sclerosis (elevida®), epilepsy (emyna®), among others. For more detailed information regarding our pipeline or requests for research and development partnerships, please contact us.


Our expert system technology platform broca® forms the backbone of more than 70 products developed to date. Started as a joint venture with the Airbus group, broca® has set healthcare industry benchmarks for individualized web based solutions. broca allows our products to simulate 1:1 coaching, training or therapy sessions, in which a virtual expert and a user interact intensively to achieve a particular goal. Similar to a chess computer, broca® facilitates rapid learning, thought process change and deep skill acquisition in a dynamic and individual flow. The platform engages users continuously in interactive exercises and guides them, step-by-step, towards specific goals and therapeutic targets.

Flexible for the Future

The latest version of our broca® 4 platform has the flexibility to run our highly individualized products on nearly all web-compatible devices, including virtual reality applications. Consistent with a “quantified-self” approach, we can now capture and visually display a host of performance parameters, assessed either directly within the systems or via interfaces. Our broca® 4 platform enables us to integrate such parameters in our individualized, dialogue-based products, allowing us to produce even more targeted and custom-tailored interventions. broca® 4 offers many options for healthcare professionals wishing to monitor and support their patients’ product use.

International Partners

GAIA has developed and implemented digital therapeutic projects with international partners, such as pharmaceutical companies and healthcare providers. Among others, these are: Abbvie, Airbus, AOK, B. Braun, DAK, Ferring, J&J, E. Lilly, Lundbeck, Merck, Merz, Orexo, Pfizer and Servier.